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Mr.Brownlee Is my new family lawyer for criminal cases. Very affordable and very hard working at what he does. He work very hard to get me out of jail and put on home monitoring until my case was over instead of sitting, in jail. I had two different gun charges against me. Mr.Brownlee told me how confident he felt about the cases I had against me. He kept it real with me. He told me how the law works on my side. He points out things that violates your rights and gets the job done, it wasn’t a easy ride.

but we came out on top!!

I appreciate it Mr. Brownlee

- Osama B.

I was able to witness Attorney Brownlee represent a loved one and he showed an immense amount of skill in his work. Attorney Brownlee saw the case through until the very end and we were able to witness the best possible outcome for the circumstance. Hands down extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Highly recommend his services!

- Kourtney B.

Great attorney..I got this lawyer on Google at the time when I was falsely accused by a lady in criminal case. I fell in love with his profile.Bold,smart and enegetic.He treats you like a family..He told me” don’t worry about this case ,I am confident,will dismissed this case”;and so it was. I RECOMMEND HIM for CRIMINAL CASES

- Smith F.

Mr. Brownlee is a Man of Business. No need to say more but I will. He will Take Care of You and Your Unfortunate Issue at the Utmost Best Possible Way. The Man Has Patience and Do Not Be Fooled By His Charm haha, that’s How He Is Getting You Outta Trouble!! Thank You B, Wish You Much Success Brother.

- Noe R.

Vernon Brownlee is a lawyer that will fight for you until the very last second. He fought for my case until the end and got me the best possibly outcome
Highly recommend!

- Walter H.

If you need a highly effective lawyer that takes their job serious then you need Vernon Brownlee. Long story short he was able to get a case against me dismissed because he studied and knew the case facts in and out. You can tell he was very prepared because I didn’t have to say a word, I didn’t even have to testify because he articulated the facts well enough for the judge to understand my perspective and what was really going on. On top of that, Vernon had several plans (with evidence) to execute depending on how the case went. He never had to use it though, but if he did he was ready to. Vernon is without a doubt one of the most effective lawyers I’ve met and I will always recommend him to anybody. Thanks again!

- Tobi O.

I would just let anyone know if they need a great lawyer Vernon Brown did a wonderful job in the case that was set before him I would highly recommend Vernon Brown to represent you and your issues with your courts

- Michael B.

Mr. Brownlee is very knowledgeable, prepared, and most importantly, available to his clients, at anytime. His courtroom demeanor is professional and confident.

He is an excellent attorney, who I would recommend to anyone.

- Albert A.

I don’t know where to start off, Vernon was the best attorney I’ve could’ve asked for. I had two criminal cases going on for 2years with a previous law firm and at one point i was told the best outcome for my situation was Little jail time and probation. After, I switched law firms and decided to work with Vernon he immediately got to work. He stayed in great contact about cases and updates. His work ethic is Top Tier and unmatched, His professionalism Is out of this world and his respect for the client is one of a kind. Vernon takes his work very serious. The outcomes of my two cases are so unbelievable that i couldn’t even believe it at first. I went from looking at two separate trials for my criminal cases to never seeing a trial or conviction. His knowledge on the laws and numerous of cases make him one of the rare fewest top tier Attorneys in the DMV I am forever grateful for him as not only an Outstanding Attorney, but also as a person and human being. If you looking for a defense attorney don’t even second guess about going with Vernon, He’s truly the man the plan and more!! 100/100 hands down best service.

- Demante P.

Over the years Mr. Brownlee has provided me with sound, clear, and practical legal advice on various issues. He took the time to understand my specific needs and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Extremely trustworthy and would personally recommend.

- Katherine J.

Great experience, definitely calling him again if I ever need to!

- William N.

Currently representing my family member. So far very professional and responsive.

- Nicole W.

Vernon is a fierce advocate for his clients. I highly recommend this attorney!

- Bradley S.
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